Pères (des)engagés


My involvement in the project “Pères (des)engagés, Entre définition de rôles et sentiment de compétence” ((Dis)engaged fathers, Between role definition and a sense of competence) focused on the layout and printing of this meaningful book. The essay, written by Laura Zahnd as part of her Master’s in Family, Childhood, and Youth Studies, thoroughly examines the role and commitment of the father within the patriarchal family. My contribution was to visually bring this essay to life by creating a polished layout and ensuring high-quality printing. This project illustrates my ability to support significant academic work by presenting it in an accessible and aesthetically pleasing manner while respecting the serious and thoughtful nature of the content. The layout, attuned to the theme discussed, aims to enhance the understanding of the text and provide an enriching reading experience.

Realized in autumn 2022