Web design

As part of my final exam to conclude my studies in interactive media design at eikon, I had the opportunity to create the visual identity for Rec’up!, an innovative platform listing second-hand stores in Switzerland. The central theme was second-hand, and the challenge was to develop a comprehensive communication concept in three weeks, including a graphic design with a logo, a responsive website, and a prototype of a promotional video.

This project was a formative experience that pushed me to take creative risks. The complete freedom granted in the realization of this project allowed me to explore bold ideas. However, with the final examination of my education at stake, the need for success required meticulous time management to ensure the successful completion of each aspect of the project.

Rec’up! not only represents a creative response to the theme of second-hand but also demonstrates my ability to take initiative, innovate, and arrive at a comprehensive visual solution within a limited timeframe. This project attests to my commitment to professional excellence while highlighting the ability to optimize time resources to achieve ambitious goals. Find the online website here

Realized in summer 2021

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