Ta seule valeur


In collaboration with Tamara Liardet and Julie Babey, I participated in an ecofeminist photographic project that explores the repercussions of beauty products and medications imposed on women, contaminating water and altering our environment. Executed as part of the photography course at HEAD under the guidance of Olga Cafiero and Mathieu Gaffsou, this artistic endeavor aims to raise awareness of the often overlooked ecological impacts of these substances.

Each captured image is the result of profound reflection, seeking to highlight the complexity of this issue. The project is further enriched by an eloquent poem by Aglaé Bucher, adding a poetic and emotional dimension to the photographic series. This artistic collaboration transcends disciplines, combining photography, ecology, and feminism to stimulate reflection on our collective responsibility towards nature.

This project attests to my commitment to using visual art as a means of awareness, seeking to inspire ecological consciousness and awaken awareness to contemporary ecofeminist issues.

Realized in autumn 2022