Transversal Territory


In collaboration with Julien Aebischer, I carried out the “Transversal Territory” edition as part of the editorial course at HEAD supervised by Coline Sunier and Xavier Erni.

Transversal Territory” is presented as a laboratory for urban research, explored through annual workshops, where interdisciplinary work takes place in collaboration with the residents of the studied areas. This innovative project adopts a unique approach by conducting on-site interventions such as ephemeral installations, performances, and transformations of the territory.

The edition we created highlights the research and process aspects of the project. Although the final result is more anecdotal, this publication provides a detailed dive into the “Transversal Territory” workshop led by Mansoureh Aalaii and Antoine Perrot in Mendrisio in July 2022. It is an invitation to explore the behind-the-scenes of this interdisciplinary and collaborative experience, capturing the essence of the creative process and urban research.

Realized in autumn 2023