This original poster, developed as part of the ‘Text-Image Relationship (Poster)’ course at HEAD, presents an unreleased proposal to promote the graduation performance of the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance at La Manufacture.

The artistic approach focused on utilizing the distortion induced by movement. In this representation, jellyfish, elegantly reminiscent of contemporary dancers, gracefully move in the water. Instead of unveiling the artists in a literal manner, this poetic metaphor offers a unique perspective. The jellyfish, deformed to the point of being almost unrecognizable, accentuate the idea of movement, creating a captivating visual aesthetic.

Although this proposal was not selected, it attests to my willingness to explore unconventional creative approaches, aiming to transcend direct representation to evoke emotion and wonder. Supervised by Dimitri Broquard and Xavier Erni, this project illustrates my ability to integrate creativity and visual poetry into visual communication.

Realized in spring 2023

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